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Sensei Daniel Almosny, 4th Dan

Sensei Daniel Almosny started training Aikido in January of 1997 at the age of 15 along with his brother Andres (13) at Santa Fe Dojo in Caracas under Sensei Nelson Requena 6th Dan Aikikai. After one year of training, started studying for almost two years directly under Sensei Emmanuel at the Koshin Dojo located in Los Naranjos in Caracas at that time.

Tested for his Shodan in April of 2007 and Nidan in 2010 and now is a Certified 4th Dan black belt. As an Aikido instructor of Venezuela Aikikai since 2007, served mixed level students at the Santa Fe Dojo, Phoenix Dojo and as the first instructor to teach at the National Aikido Training Center of Venezuela when its regular teaching classes were inaugurated in the year 2008. Daniel has also participated in numerous exhibitions, demonstrations and coordinated several workshops including the Aikido Ukemi full day special course that took place in Caracas in 2010.

Since his beginnings, Daniel has participated in a number of seminars with a variety of instructors from around the world including Sensei Nobuyoshi Tamura(†), Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada (NY Aikikai), Sensei Masafumi Sakanashi (†), Sensei Leonardo Sakanashi (CDA – Argentina), Sensei Peter Bernath (Florida Aikikai), Sensei Kei Izawa (IAF) amongst many others. Currently, Daniel has reunited with his teacher and friend Emmanuel and has been training at Miramar Dojo since he moved to Florida in 2014.