Aikido Miramar
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Sensei Ricardo Manzo, 3rd Dan

Sensei Ricardo Manzo is a certified 3rd Dan black belt in Aikido issued by the Aikikai Foundation with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Ricardo was introduced to martial arts at the age of 14. He started practicing Japanese Karate-do Ryo Bu Kai affiliated to WUKO, now known as the World Karate Organization, and later on karate-do Shotokan where he achieved a 1st kyu degree - brown belt.

Aikido discipline attracted him in 2010, when he started at Aikido Miramar under the direction of Sensei Emmanuel Herzog - certified 6th Dan Shihan - with whom he has been training with to this day. Additionally, he has been training under the leadership of Sensei Peter Bernath - 7th Dan Shihan.